SPSE Python Security Expert

This blog post has been created to host files related to the SecurityTube Python Security Expert training and certification and other Python based scripts I developed.


SPSE student ID: SPSE-1789

GitHub resource containing source code:


I am not a programmer in any ways, so the scripts below are pretty ugly, but it serves the purpose they meant to do for me. Please feel free to use or modify them as needed. Any feedback also appreciated (info@ domain of this website). 



GitHub resource containing source code:


I decided to create a project for finding and analysing documents (regex match for credit card, social security number, password hashes, custom strings etc.) in the network using Python. It is modular primarily os-independent consisting of the following modules:

  • pyHarvest DOC reader
  • pyHarvest DOCX reader
  • pyHarvest FTP discovery
  • pyHarvest SMB discovery
  • pyHarvest PDF reader
  • pyHarvest PatternMatch
  • pyHarvest SQLITE
  • pyHarvest TXT and other text formats reader
  • pyHarvest XLS and XLSX reader

More to be followed...