About Me


This site intends to be a subjective organized "database" of my interests and written form of the collected and hopefully practical or newfound knowledge. I really hope that the documents, tutorials, links, blogs and all other stuff will be useful for people interested in IT (Information Technology) and IS (Information Security).


Fortunately (or unfortunately) I have a very widespread interest in Information Technology. I try to force it in a list, to give you a picture what I am dealing with in my everyday life and especially on this site:

    -Linux operating systems (ex.: Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, RHEL, SuSE)

    -Microsoft Windows operating systems (ex.: XP, 2003, 2008)

    -Log management and SIEM solutions (ex.: Sentinel, Splunk, Syslog)

    -Web server configuration (ex.: LAMP servers on different platforms)

    -Portal solutions (ex.: drupal, joomla, wordpress) -Digital Forensics (ex.: freeware tools)

    -Privileged user management (ex.: Novell PUM, Cyber-Ark, Shell Control Box)

    -Security Solutions (ex.: all other you can imagine...)

    -Scripting and some programming (ex.: perl, python, php, c++)

    -Security testing (ex.: grey-box, white-box penetration tests, ethical hacking...) -...

About "_MySelf"!

First of all, my hobby is IT and IT security. I don't want to describe myself too detailed here, because I plan to do it in the blog menu. To be short, I am an organized man in my work, I love organized lists, hope you will agree , I read a lot but mainly IT related stuff, I love to play soccer and all other kind of sports which require any kind of ball. My mothertongue is Hungarian, so please forgive me for my mistakes in English, I try to improve. As far as I know, I always use too much commas, and don't care about tenses (because in Hungarian, we do it like this...lot of commas and only one past tense).

The Future

Who knows, I have only plans yet. I hope they will come true...

The Present

Currently I am working for Lear Corporation.

The most recent

Previously I was working as an Information Security Consultant at kancellar.hu, which deals exclusively with IT security independently from manufacturers. I was working on the following type of projects:

    -Pre-Sales support


    -Project management

    -Quality assurance of system implementations

    -IT Audits -Penetration tests -SIEM solution implementations

    -Privileged user management solutions

    -Business development (testing softwares, solutions, technologies)

    -Outsourced CISO

The Past

Previously I worked for PriceWaterhouseCoopers in the SPA (Systems and Process Assurance) team as an IT auditor. Organizing and doing the ITGC audits at different kind of clients (ex.: utility, pharma, retail, IT, financial sector) was my responsibility. Before this I was responsible for the whole IT infrastructure in a wholesale dealer company in the retail sector. I also worked for GeneralElectric as an IT intern where I developed a kind of log management portal and took part in the development of an SAP interface.

Last wish!

Please be so kind and don't hack this site. Because of only hacking this site I won't be a worse IT expert or whatever, and my reputation won't decrease because of this (i really hope). I know this is not the bastion of security, maybe it has some security holes and vulnerabilities, but there are some "hackme" sites, you can google hack them.