Windows general

These are the general windows stuff.


This is the windows stuff.

Linux general

Change keyboard layout

loadkeys hu

Use screen command

CentOS/RHEL change password hash from command line

The problem:

There is a CentOS 5 or RedHat 4 (perhaps versions below or above also) installation with a root password I don't know. I forgot or I simply don't know it, and there are no other accounts on this machine.


These are the Linux stuff.


This is the collection of vmware stuff.

Hacktivity 2010 - part 2


Here are some facts about the games.


The game was very difficult, consisted of different servers, and one had to become root on them. There were 3 warm-up stages, which happened to be very difficult for most of the people.

I solved the first two warm-up stages with SQL injection.


Hacktivity 2010 - part 1

Today was the day...when the Hacktivity ( ended :(.

Hacktivity: where I shake hands with two international IT security celebrity on the very same day, and have the opportunity to hack something legally just for fun. Of course there were also IT security talks but that's just a side effect.


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