Hackme sites

New year new challenges!


In the past few weeks I was plaing with some hackme sites. The blog I usually read mentioned a site called "Wechall.net". It is a collection of hackme sites, actually shows the summary of the points you have reached in the different hackme sites. I started to play with it, and I couldn't stop yet...

Hack stuff

These are the hacking stuff.


These are the general stuff, useful for everyday life:)

Euro C1 advanced

After the CISSP exam I tried to do a language exam in english. I tried the Euro C1 advanced level, and on the 23th of Dec 2010 I have received the results. I have passed the exam. This is a very happy Christmas now...:)

CISSP exam results

I have received the results on the 22th of Dec 2010. I was successful on the writing part of the exam! Now I have to fill the endorsement form, and wait for the approval process...I am so happy about the result...Merry Christmas!

Lost in France - part 1

Last week I traveled to Montpellier, France for a project. This was my first project abroad but I wasn't afraid of it. It's the same kind of work as I do at home but in English. The only thing I was afraid of was the English knowledge of the French people.

CISSP exam finished

Well...thanks God the CISSP exam is over, it was held yesterday at the University I've attended. It was great to be there again, I have good memories of the building and the years spent there.

CISSP exam preparation

These days are very busy for me, there are a lot of work at the Company and in my freetime I usually have to read the CISSP CBK. I can hardly wait to take the exam, because I don't like learning this kind of stuff. They are not just interested in what you know, but the questions have similar or near similar answers which is usually not straightforward to answer. You have to learn their concept behind questions and answers.


Stuff for Bash


Convert a string to hexa


This is the VirtualBox stuff...


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