Hackme sites

New year new challenges!


In the past few weeks I was plaing with some hackme sites. The blog I usually read mentioned a site called "Wechall.net". It is a collection of hackme sites, actually shows the summary of the points you have reached in the different hackme sites. I started to play with it, and I couldn't stop yet...

I've spent hours and days with the different challenges.

I have to say that more than a half of the challenges are not typical hacker challenges, rather some kind of programming, logic, scripting, cryptography, steganography and so on. From most of these one can learn new things, useful things for daily scripting and problem solving. Some of them requires really deep knowledge of the certain field which forces you to dig into the deepest hole of the area and understand the basics of that. Like regexp. There are some really exciting options in it I never knew before, but now that I had to read the different tiny options I can use it in scripting and hacking also.

As I write the scripts I got an idea that I will share them on this site. Not for revealing the secret technology or the solution for the challenges, but for other type of usage and development. They are not optimized at all but functioning as needed. During the development I realized that the different solutions could be really slow and really fast depending on the algorithm I made up or the function I choose.

So feel free to test drive the scripts on your own, every comment or suggestion is appreciated.