My future has begun

I had a very busy period till now, so I skipped posting to the blog. Of course this does not mean that I forgot to deal with IT security, I was just too busy.
The reason of my being busy was a change in my career path. Last year I had to make one of the hardest decisions in my professional work life.


At first I was offered the technical team leader position in my workplace. I was very enthusiastic and wanted to do solve the new challenges with the maximal devotion. I was responsible for 5 people’s management. I really liked that however of course I had to learn a lot of things about people management. Actually it was not so hard because the team was a good collection of people; we were all friends and wanted to help each other.


The next challenge was an offer from an international company’s offer. Before accepting the team leader position I was thinking of finding a similar job opportunity and moving to North America or Western Europe. This was not as easy as I thought - I did some phone interviews and found out that my English is not enough for UK but could be good enough for other countries. Actually USA/Canada/Belgium were my main targets. I was very lucky that after several calls I was the supported candidate for the company, however I had to make the decision: to leave the team leader position for something new that I don’t know but sounds very interesting. I was thinking for days and felt very bad about the possibility of leaving my friends but I had to think of my future also. This offer was not the regular offer which comes anytime – this was a brilliant offer that had to be accepted.
So this was the thing that kept me busy for months.
Now after a month I can say that it seems to me that this was the good decision.
Practically I think I never had a bad decision ever! I am always deciding on the most comprehensive set of facts I can collect – and I don’t want to decide against me.