CISSP exam finished

Well...thanks God the CISSP exam is over, it was held yesterday at the University I've attended. It was great to be there again, I have good memories of the building and the years spent there.
To be honest, I was really surprised at the questions of the exam. I really tried to be well prepared for this exam, because it is an important milestone in my career to achieve some certification like this. I've read the Official CISSP CBK (~1200 pages); spent hours and days with solving different kind of CISSP exam practice tests and got "shocked" when saw the exam tests. It was nothing even close to the knowledge I've gained during the preparation. The questions were so misleading and tricky that I wasn't even sure of the answers of the field of my expertise. I am an engineer kind of men, so I hate when some idea, thing, stuff or whatever has several identification names. There are also acronyms which help recognize and memorize things. In this test everything was mixed and we were confused with unknown expressions identify things we thought we knew. An example: "cryptographic variable" ought to be something like "control parameter" as I guessed. There were questions which I was unable to understand and I was sure of the correct answer for it, but none of the answers seemed correct for me. Overall the test was more high-level IT than an ordinary balance between high-level and technical so I don't know and not even able to guess the probability of the success of my test. It can be anything between 0-100%.

The next challenge will be the language exam for me next Saturday...I don't really have time for family (my girlfriend, our dog and my notebook:) ). I hope after these busy weeks I will be able to post some knowledge to this here as I promised.